Year 9 Options

Options for students starting Year 10 in September 2021

This page outlines the options process for Year 9 students, who will be sitting GCSEs in 2023. It will give students and parents/carers the opportunity to explore the different courses being offered at Key Stage 4, and watch presentations from members of staff about the courses their subjects are offering.

Curriculum Intent

Academic and personal excellence is at the heart of The Eastbourne Academy’s curriculum intent. Endeavouring to provide the highest quality education for all, we strive to equip students with the knowledge they need to gain and maintain employment and independence.

We recognise that qualifications are the stepping stone to employability, but also that high aspiration and strength of character are the foundations for long term success. A wide range of student leadership, arts and sports programmes, trips and visits, and extra-curricular opportunities ensure that the curriculum extends beyond the classroom.

Students will leave The Eastbourne Academy with the essential knowledge and attributes they need to be fully rounded and educated citizens who will be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Core Curriculum

The compulsory parts of the curriculum include subjects that provide essential life skills and prepare for lifelong learning, and those that form statutory (compulsory by law) aspects of learning. These are:

• English
• Maths
• Science
• SPHERE (social, personal, health, economic and religious education)
• Core PE

In all of these subjects, except SPHERE and Core PE, students will take accredited examinations that will assess the learning undertaken.


If you have any issues or need to speak about the Options process, please contact Mrs Kelly


Options Introduction


Options Presentation 


Option Booklet


Subject Information


Option Pathway Forms 

You must only choose one pathway. Use the options presentation, the option booklet and the subject information to inform your choice. 

Option Pathway A Option Pathway BOption Pathway C