Vision Statement

At The Eastbourne Academy, our vision is to create an exceptional, inclusive and nurturing
learning organisation that fosters academic excellence, social-emotional growth, and student well-being. We are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, ambition, respect, and engagement, ensuring each student reaches their full potential and is prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through outstanding evidence-informed teaching, personalised learning, and our unwavering commitment to cultural capital and social responsibility, we strive to make our students, parents, and the wider community proud to be a part of our exceptional academy.

Curiosity: We believe in fostering an innate sense of curiosity within our students,
encouraging them to ask questions, explore new ideas, and delve into their passions. Our
innovative and evidence-informed teaching methods, along with a rich and diverse
curriculum, cater to individual strengths and weaknesses, equipping students with the tools
needed to develop cognitive and social-emotional outcomes. Our relentless pursuit of
knowledge and understanding creates a lifelong love of learning, preparing students for
success in an ever-evolving world.

Ambition: We nurture a culture of ambition, where students are inspired to strive for
excellence in every aspect of their lives. By setting high expectations and providing tailored
support, we empower students to pursue their talents, exceed their personal goals, and contribute positively to society. Through a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities,
enrichment programmes, and real-world experiences, we instil a sense of purpose and drive, enabling our students to confidently shape their own futures.

Respect: We place great emphasis on creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment
that values every member of our community. Mutual respect, empathy, and open
communication form the foundation of our academy, ensuring students develop strong
social-emotional skills and understand the importance of respecting diverse perspectives.
We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and discrimination, and our consistent
disciplinary measures and support systems ensure all students feel secure, respected, and

Engagement: We believe that teaching should be engaging, adaptive, and responsive to the unique needs of our students. By incorporating interactive and evidence-based teaching
methods, our staff are able to connect with students on a personal level, ensuring student
engagement and their cognitive and social-emotional development. We actively encourage
teamwork and inclusivity through group activities, clubs, and varied interests, cultivating a
strong sense of fellowship, social responsibility, and future planning among our students.