Term Dates

TERM DATES 2018 - 2019

Summer Holiday 2018

 Start Day - Monday 23rd July 2018
 Finish Day - Friday 31st August 2018
 INSET Day 1 - Monday 3rd September 2018

Term 1 - 2018

 Start Day - Tuesday 4th September 2018
 Finish Day - Friday 19th October 2018

October Half Term

 Start Day - Monday 22nd October 2018
 Finish Day - Friday 26th October 2018

Term 2 - 2018

 Start Day - Monday 29th October 2018
 Finish Day - Thursday 20th December 2018

Christmas Holiday 2018

 INSET Day 2 - Friday 21st December 2018
 Start Day - Monday 24th December 2018
 Finish Day - Friday 4th January 2019

Term 3 - 2019

 Start Day - Monday 7th January 2019
 Finish Day - Friday 15th February 2019

February Half Term - 2019

 Start Day - Monday 18th February 2019
 Finish Day - Friday 22nd February 2019

Term 4 - 2019

 Start Day - Monday 25th February 2019
 Finish Day - Thursday 4th April 2019

Easter Holiday - 2019

 INSET Day 3 - Friday 5th April 2019
 Start Day  - Monday 8th April 2019
 Finish Day - Thursday 18th April 2019
 Good Friday - Friday 19th April 2019
 Easter Monday - Monday 22nd April 2019

Term 5 - 2019

 Start Day - Tuesday 23rd April 2019
 May Day Bank Holiday - 6th May 2019
 Finish Day - Friday 24th May 2019

May Half Term - 2019

 Bank Holiday - Monday 27th May 2019
 Start Day - Tuesday 28th May 2019
 Finish Day - Friday 1st June 2019

Term 6 - 2019

 Start Day - Monday 3rd June 2019
 Finish Day - Friday 19th July 2019
 INSET Day 4 - Monday 22nd July 2019
 INSET Day 5 - Monday 23nd July 2019


INSET DAYS 2017 - 2018

 INSET Day 1 - Monday 4th September 2017 
 INSET Early Closure - Monday 27th Nov 2017 
 INSET Day 2 - Friday 5th January 2018
 INSET Day 3 - Thursday 29th March 2018
 INSET Day 4 - Friday 13th April 2018
 INSET Day 5 - Monday 23rd July 2018

INSET DAYS 2018 - 2019

 INSET Day 1 - Monday 3rd September 2018
 INSET Day 2 - Friday 21st December 2018
 INSET Day 3 - Friday 5th April 2019
 INSET Day 4 - Monday 22nd July 2019
 INSET Day 5 - Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Holidays in Term Time

The law does not grant parents an automatic right to take their child out of education during term time.  The Department for Education, however, does allow the Principal the discretion to consider authorising a student’s leave of absence in term time but only in “exceptional circumstances”.  If you consider that your request falls into this category you will need to complete the form on the reverse of this notification.  A response will be sent to you as soon as possible. If the withdrawal is not considered to be an exceptional circumstance, and you nevertheless take your child out of school, the absence will be recorded as unauthorized in line with current guidance.

Unauthorised absence can result in legal intervention being taken against a parent for the irregular attendance or punctuality of their child to school.  Legal intervention that may be considered includes; issue of a fixed penalty notice or consideration may be given to a prosecution in a Magistrates Court under the Education Act 1996.


A penalty notice is a fine of £60 which increases to £120 if not paid within the first 21 days. Thereafter, if the penalty remains unpaid this may result in legal action.  Please note that such a penalty is issued to each parent for each child taken out of school.  A conviction of an offence under Section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996 may result in a fine of £1000.  If the matter is considered to be more serious, then proceedings can be taken under Section 444(1A) and fines can be up to £2,500 or a prison sentence imposed.


All holiday requests must be directed to our Attendance Assistant, Miss Killey, who will send you a form to complete. Letters will not be accepted. The form should be returned to the Academy at least 14 days before the start of the absence.

In considering the decision whether to authorise the following will be taken into account:-


  • Reason given for your child’s withdrawal from school.
  • The time of the year/term.
  • Whether your child will miss test/examinations or preparation for these.

I hope you will support our efforts to raise attendance and attainment at our Academy.