Curriculum Leader: Mrs S Francis

Sphere ensures that students are able to gain life long skills which will enable them to succeed both at TEA and beyond. Sphere will enable all students to make informed decisions about their wellbeing and healthy relationships as they move into adult life. They will also leave with the knowledge and skills to gain and maintain employment and independence.

Staying safe, identifying exploitation, being valued and respected underpins all areas within the SPHERE Curriculum

All Year groups study 6 core themes of

  • Relationship, Sex and Health Education
  • Mental Health and Well Being
  • Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education
  • Religious Education
  • Fundamental British Values
  • Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Our overarching concepts include

  • Students Identify personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these
  • Different types of relationships in different settings, both positive and negative
  • A healthy balanced lifestyle through physical, emotional and social wellbeing
  • Identification, assessment and how to manage risk and how to stay safe including online
  • Diversity and equality in all its forms
  • Fundamental British Values Rights (Rule of law, Tolerance, Individual Liberty, Democracy & Respect)
  • Change and resilience when faced with challenging circumstances
  • Power and how it can be used and encountered in a variety of contexts including online; how it manifests through behaviours including bullying, persuasion, coercion and how it can be challenged or managed.

Sphere involves curricular and extra-curricular activities, including assemblies, subject lessons, external performances, national awareness days and student leadership opportunities The intention is that these sorts of opportunities help young people to explore and express their character and build the skills they need for resilience, empathy and employability.