The Eastbourne Academy has a formal uniform consisting of a blazer, shirt and tie, with black trousers or skirt.

The blazer has the Academy badge sewn onto it, trousers and skirts have the Academy name embroidered on them and the tie is a different colour for each of the learning communities. There are also branded polos and hoodies for PE lessons. Full details of the uniform policy can be found here.


Sussex Uniforms

Our uniform is sold directly online by our supplier, Sussex Uniforms. 

Telephone: 01444 227066

Email: sales@sussexuniforms.co.uk

Please use the link below to access the Sussex Uniforms shop.


Academy Uniform Sale

We are not currently holding any in-school sessions to try on uniforms. Items can be ordered for home delivery, with free returns for unsuitable items.

Further information on returns can be found here - Returns


Uniform that must be purchased from Sussex Uniforms

It is a requirement that each student wears the correct uniform. The following items can only be purchased from Sussex Uniforms and must be worn as part of the Academy uniform. Any other items may be sourced independently as required.

Academy Blazer 

A plain black blazer with the Academy badge sewn on.

Academy Tie

A community coloured tie.

Academy Jumper

A plain black jumper with the Academy badge sewn on.

Academy Trousers

Plain black trousers with the Academy name embroidered on the rear.

Academy Skirt

Plain black skirt with the Academy name embroidered on the front.


Academy PE Polo Shirt

Plain grey polo shirt with the Academy Community name embroidered on the front.

Academy PE Hoodie

Plain grey hoodie with the Academy Community name embroidered on the front.


The Academy has lockers available on a first come, first served basis. The cost is £5 for 5 years (£1 per year), which is non-refundable. Please contact our school reception for further information. tea-office@swale.at