Homework Protocol


Homework at The Eastbourne Academy:

  • We believe that homework can, when appropriately planned for, make a valuable contribution to all pupils’ progress. 
  • We believe in a positive approach to homework meaning that students will be rewarded for completion.  Failure to complete homework will not result in a sanction, but parents, carers and students should be aware that it could adversely affect the rate of progress.
  • It is the students' responsibility to complete homework. 
  • Parents and carers will be informed if their child fails to regularly complete homework. 
  • Student engagement in homework will be reported three times during the academic year 
  • Support is provided through the KS3 after school homework clubs and KS4 Extra Study Sessions. 

The homework club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2.50pm to 3.45pm in the Learning Zone, offering a quiet and welcoming learning environment. You can access the internet and a printer.  One to one and group support is available if required.
See KS4 Extra Study Session timetable further down on this page.

The purpose of Homework at the Eastbourne Academy is:

  • To consolidate classroom learning
  • To provide opportunities to explore and extend learning
  • To promote independence and a love of learning
  • To prepare students for the rigours of Post 16 education and the workplace

Setting Homework

Any homework that has been set by a teacher will be shown in Edulink One. 

For further information on Edulink One please visit here - Edulink One.

Key Stage 3 Homework

  • English, Mathematics and Science to set and collect in homework at least fortnightly.
  • All other subjects to set project based homework every term.
  • Performing Arts and Physical Education to monitor attendance at extra curricular clubs and activities.

Key Stage 4 Homework

There are two strands to homework:

  1. Attendance at Extra Study Sessions (ESS) - Year 11 only
  2. Homework is set and collected in at least fortnightly in all subjects


 A teacher is responsible for:

  • Setting homework according to the timetable
  • Adding all homework tasks to EduLink so that students and parents are aware of the task and expectations
  • Planning  structured and differentiated homework that will stimulate, interest and inspire students, with clear and shared success criteria
  • Setting homework that is meaningful and appropriate to the sequence of lessons for that subject
  • Providing clear, timely feedback that enables students to make the next steps in their progress
  • Using the reward protocol to incentivise completion
  • Encouraging students to take pride in the presentation of work
  • Informing parents if a student fails to complete homework on a regular basis.
  • Recording and maintaining accurate records of students’ engagement in homework tasks.

A Curriculum Leader is responsible for:

  • Creating and realising the vision for homework in their department
  • Ensuring that teachers within their department are complying with the homework protocol
  • Identifying good practice and disseminating within the department, the school and the wider SWALE community


If you have any questions regarding homework, please contact Ms Joseph (Vice Principal, Inclusion & Acceleration) r.joseph@theeastbourneacademy.org