Curriculum Leader: Mr S Toombs

History builds upon each students growing understanding of the past. It takes students on a journey through the past, starting in 1066 and ending with terrorism in the 21st century. It also looks at other cultures such as the Native Americans. It enables students to understand the world around them, to empathise with others and to appreciate concepts such as significance, cause and consequence.


In studying History, students will start in 1066 and follow an overview of British history through to modern day. They will consider the implications of these events on local history and visit local sites that are the result of these changes. They will also look at Britain’s impact on the world as well as studies of life as Native Americans, following their story through the American West to today. In looking at events of the 20th and 21st century students will begin to appreciate the importance and continued relevance of History today.


Students are studying the Edexcel GCSE History B which comprises 3 exams and 4 subject areas. These are the reign of Elizabeth I, The History of medicine from the Middle Ages to today, The American West and Germany between the wars. They will consider how to evaluate sources and how to construct arguments as well as understanding what impact the events studied have had on Britain today