Curriculum Leader: Mr S Toombs


Geography is one of the most popular subjects studied by students at the Academy. It is a subject that ensures curiosity about the world around us, inspiring students imaginations and understanding of different people, places and geographical processes.


At Key Stage 3 students explore a wide variety of geographical topics, taking students on a journey from the shores of Eastbourne to the four corners of the world. In doing so students study the World’s ecosystems, Countries and Continents, Water on the land, Tectonic Process, Population, Development, Urbanisation, Tourism, Natural Disasters and Weather and climate.

In studying these topics students are encouraged to develop the skills needed at GCSE, this includes a variety of fieldwork skills


Students are studying the AQA GCSE Geography A course. This covers elements of Human and Physical geography as well as a large focus on geographical skills and analysis. There is also a 3rd exam paper that focuses on geographical inquiry and fieldwork.


To enhance the students' learning experiences within Geography we offer trips to students including the opportunity to visit the Cuckmere River, Newhaven and Eastbourne Beach. We also offer trips abroad when possible which in recent years have included New York, Rome and Iceland.