Design Technology

Curriculum Intent 

At The Eastbourne Academy, Design and Technology is a subject that is highly valued for its ability to inspire creativity, foster practical skills, and equip students with the knowledge needed to solve real-world problems. Our curriculum intent is to provide students with skills in design, manufacture and STEM that helps them develop cultural capital, curiosity, ambition, respect, and engagement. 

Design and Technology impacts every aspect of modern life so it is integral that our students learn how to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Therefore our goal is to ensure students learn how to develop and realise their ideas through a range of materials and processes that are used in industry. We want our students 

to gain confidence and independence, becoming innovative, enterprising, and capable citizens. 

Through critical evaluation of design principles and industry pioneers, our students develop a deep understanding of its impact of design on daily life and the wider world, which is essential for their success as members of society. Our curriculum is crucial for the creativity, culture, wealth, and well-being of our nation, and it plays a vital role in helping our students access creative and technical careers of the future.


Curriculum Information


Year 7, 8, and 9 students have a double lesson once a week. Students are taught design principles, how to get inspiration and how to bring their ideas to life using a wide variety of hand tools and machines in the workshop. Students study an array of inclusive designers, movements and problems to inspire and challenge their thinking. Alongside this, students are able to develop their communication skills using sketches and computer-aided design. This enables our students to develop projects and manufacture their designs by hand or CADCAM equipment such as plotters, laser cutters, and 3D printers.


We offer two GCSE courses in Design and Technology

At KS4 students are able to choose between two Design and Technology GCSE courses as part of the options process. 

AQA Art & Design - 3D Design

  • 3D is a skills based course for those who enjoy practical lessons where they design, make and experiment with 3D forms.
  • 60% Portfolio covering lighting design, architectural model and furniture design.
  • 40% Externally set assignment is released in term 3 of year 11 and completed in a 10 hour practical assessment.
  • Students develop GCSE portfolios which in A3 sketchbooks

AQA Design and Technology

  • D&T is a technical option for students pursuing STEM careers like engineering, architecture and product design.
  • 50% NEA portfolio which starts in term 6 of year 10.
  • 50% Exam in which students will learn content on core technical principles, specialist technical principles and designing and making principles.
  • Requires a 4+ GCSE target in English,Maths and Science to access the course.
  • D&T NEA is produced electronically on Chromebooks



Extra-curricular opportunities for KS3/KS4 students who can attend the Design and Technology Club on Tuesdays from 3:05 - 4:00pm.