At The Eastbourne Academy, our curriculum is the bedrock of our vision: to craft an exceptional, inclusive and growth-oriented learning organisation. Our resolute commitment is to ensure excellence as standard through academic brilliance, socio-emotional development and student well-being. Each student is thus empowered to maximise their potential. Our curriculum, incorporating a meticulous blend of evidence-informed teaching and learning, nurtures our learners to prosper in the ever-evolving global landscape.


Curiosity: Our curriculum stirs a deep sense of inquiry, inspiring students to question, explore and engage with their surrounding world. Coupled with our pioneering teaching methods and broad curriculum, we cultivate robust cognitive and socio-emotional skills, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. This comprehensive approach ensures our students are not just academically prepared but also armed with the curiosity necessary for success in their chosen careers.

Ambition: Our curriculum goes beyond academics, fostering an environment of ambition and excellence as standard. High expectations coupled with individualised support empower students to surpass their personal goals and contribute positively to society. Our curriculum, enriched with an array of extracurricular activities and real-world experiences, instils purpose and drive in our students, preparing them for their future careers with unwavering determination and high levels of literacy.

Respect: Our curriculum is built around a nurturing and inclusive environment, where every individual's unique potential is cherished. Through mutual respect, empathy and open communication, our students develop profound socio-emotional skills and understand the importance of appreciating diverse perspectives. This focus on respect cultivates a community and culture that acknowledges and celebrates the equity of all individuals.

Engagement: Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to be engaging, adaptive and responsive, tailored to meet the unique needs of our students. By promoting inclusivity through high quality teaching, learning, student teacher relationships and extra-curricular activities, we cultivate a positive and enriching culture for all that prepares our students for a diverse world.


Curriculum Implementation

At The Eastbourne Academy, we pride ourselves on developing and implementing a rigorous, evidence-informed curriculum designed to empower students and help them realise their full potential. Informed by decades of research, our expertly crafted curriculum is meticulously structured to foster our ambitious vision for our students.

Central to our curriculum's effectiveness is a well-sequenced structure that thoughtfully integrates new knowledge with prior understanding, gradually building complexity over time. We employ retrieval practice in our lessons to activate prior knowledge, which not only reduces cognitive load but also allows for more efficient learning.

Our students are exposed to key content multiple times throughout their educational journey, ensuring that they can master threshold concepts with ease. This mastery allows students to delve deeper into critical thinking and problem-solving within lessons, ultimately promoting a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

We utilise formative assessments, such as mini-whiteboard exercises, to gauge students' understanding and inform our teaching strategies. By continually adapting our curriculum based on assessment data, we can effectively tailor teaching to meet the individual needs of each student.

In addition to adaptive teaching, we provide scaffolding to support students when necessary, carefully removing it over time to encourage independence and resilience. Our challenging curriculum also emphasises metacognitive strategies, empowering students to become reflective learners capable of self-scaffolding.

We believe literacy is paramount in our educational approach, therefore we prioritise the explicit teaching of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies. Moreover, by building on the foundation laid in KS2, our KS3 curriculum activates and reinforces essential knowledge, ensuring high levels of academic success when students begin their journey with us and continue this approach to nurture motivated learners.


At the Eastbourne Academy, our research-driven curriculum implementation provides a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience, laying the groundwork for students to excel in their educational endeavors and beyond. 


Specific information on each subject we offer, as part of our broad and balanced curriculum offer, can be found here: