Clubs and Activities

The Academy has a wide range of extracurricular activities available to our students. All the clubs we offer are available for students and parents via the Edulink One App.


Here is a selection of what is available.

Debating Club

A club to debate anything and everything. Friendly and welcoming club to discuss and debate any issues you want. Gain confidence in creating arguments and public speaking.

Gardening Club

A chance to learn such things as gardening techniques, growing plants from seed, common pests and diseases, production and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Homework Club 

Everyone Welcome!

KS3 Maths Club

Opportunity for students to get help on any topic, or to challenge themselves with higher-level maths. Anyone welcome to attend, or just drop in when they need to.

KS3 Scholars

The Scholar Programme and related ‘extra-curricula’ opportunities are designed to stimulate, stretch and enrich learning for the most able and ensure that scholars are engaged in activities relating to the wider community. This will mean that the Programme will provoke a thirst for knowledge, develop respect for academic rigour and scholarly values, develop an open, inquiring, creative and logical, growth-based mindset to ensure that high ability learners are and remain ambitious, enterprising and socially responsible when pursuing their specific educational pathway. Furthermore, the Scholars Programme will have an English discipline base but will assume a distinctive approach to learning that is ‘interdisciplinary’ (i.e. make links and connections between many other subjects, especially other academic EBAC subjects, in order to ensure that all scholar learning has the potential to be as original,  innovative and widely useful as possible). To use an idea from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, scholars will be expected, as a commitment to developing originality of thought, to identify, follow and evolve individual ‘intellectual and moral white rabbits’! It is also hoped that students will also be able to learn alongside members of staff who are also interested in his method of learning and in gaining some specialist subject knowledge and professional development.

KS3 STEM Club (Eco-Schools)

Stem Club is a chance to get involved with Science outside of the classroom. This year we are focusing on becoming an Eco-School - achieving Bronze and Silver awards. Over the next two years, we aim to earn a green flag and be officially named as an Eco-School. As part of STEM club, the students form TEA Eco Committee: taking assemblies, taking part in competitions and hopefully trips later this year. Open to KS3 only (Y7, Y8 and Y9)

Learn Play Achieve Football Academy

The school are pleased to offer fun and educational football sessions with the Learn Play Achieve Football Academy. This is a KS3 invite-only club. Website details 

Performing Arts Club

A chance for students to develop their dance, drama and singing skills to build towards our Christmas production and Summer Showcases.

Year 11 Extra study Sessions

Robotics and Computer Club

Learn to program a robot, or use a computer to gain some skills. 

Shakefest Rehearsals

Rehearsals for Shakefest.

After School Sports Clubs

Why not join one of our many sports clubs at The Eastbourne Academy! All of our clubs are free to join and will develop your leadership, teamwork and communication skills, not to mention build great friendships. All ages and abilities are welcome, you don’t have to be the best just turn up and have some fun!.

Throughout the year, we offer a wide range of traditional and alternative sports clubs which includes; cricket, softball, badminton, netball, rugby, football, basketball and rounders! 

Some clubs will be lead by an external coach, and you will have the chance to play regularly and improve your fitness and skills. Other clubs will be lead by members of the PE department ensuring you reach the best of your ability and ultimately enjoy yourself! 

Textiles Club

Learn skills and make something new. Projects include Friendship Bands, Lavender Bags and Pom Pom Key chains.

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club is open to all year groups. Students can play Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar and can also build and paint their models at the club. Warhammer is a tabletop miniature wargame for two or more players which is played using dice and tape measures to calculate the outcomes of battle. Every year the school enters into the Warhammer School League which is a national competition where schools from across the country come together to be crowned the best.

Year 10 Maths Revision

A voluntary session open to all year 10 students, with the aim of preparing for year 11 and consolidating the work that is being done in class.

Year 9 & 10 Maths Club

Open to all of years 9 &10 who cannot make the Thursday session.