Gifted and Talented

We like to think all students are able to flourish, be creative as well as independent in their learning. Every child has a talent to be proud of which is nurtured within the school ethos of learn, engage, respect.

There are certain criteria that would officially define a student as being gifted. They are:

* An average CAT score of 115 or above
* Level 5 SATs from primary school
* Teacher recommendation

The criteria for being defined as talented is as follows:

* Teacher recommendation
* Representing the country/county in a certain discipline
* Professional recommendation

All the students who participate in our Gifted and Talented programme excel because they feel valued and not ashamed of being recognised.

Academy Scholars

In year 7 many of our Gifted and Talented students are part of the Academy Scholars. See the link below for more details. 

Web icon Academy Scholars