The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)

At The Eastbourne Academy, our Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) is a specialist centre that provides extensive support and guidance to our students that need it the most. Guided by our vision to create an exceptional, inclusive, and nurturing learning organisation, the TLC embodies the ambition of our academy, fostering academic excellence, social-emotional growth, and promoting student well-being for students that, at times, need more support.


Personalising Excellence

The academy’s ethos echoes throughout the TLC, reflecting our unwavering commitment to inspire curiosity, ambition, respect, and engagement in each student. Our inclusive hub offers extensive alternative curriculums, evidence-informed teaching methods, targeted interventions, and bespoke programmes. These resources are purposefully designed to personalise each student's journey, catering to individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring every student receives the unique support they require to truly excel.

Nurturing Curiosity

In the TLC, curiosity fosters a love for lifelong learning. We foster an innate sense of curiosity within our students, encouraging them to ask thoughtful questions, explore innovative ideas, and immerse themselves in their passions. Our extensive portfolio of interventions, diverse courses and enriching curriculums are tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses, equipping students with the necessary tools for academic and social-emotional growth.

Fostering Ambition

The TLC drives our culture of ambition, encouraging students to aspire to excellence in every aspect of their lives. Our tailored support, high expectations, and the bespoke curriculum of the TLC, which encompasses foundational courses in English, Maths, and Science, alongside specialised programmes like outdoor learning and horticulture, stimulate the pursuit of knowledge and empower students to exceed their personal goals.

Developing Respect

The TLC creates an environment of respect and inclusivity where each student's uniqueness is celebrated and honoured. We foster empathy and open communication, cultivating a nurturing atmosphere where students develop strong social-emotional skills and learn the value of diverse perspectives. Our staunch commitment to a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and discrimination ensures every student feels secure, respected, and valued.

Engaging Minds

The power of engagement is deeply ingrained in the TLC's philosophy. Our staff utilise interactive, evidence-based teaching methods that resonate with students on a personal level, stimulating deep engagement and enhancing student well-being. The integration of group activities, strong adult student relationships, and varied interests into our curriculum fosters a strong sense of fellowship, social responsibility, and future planning among our students. Additionally, we offer intensive mentoring, examination support, and access to professional counselling, equipping students with the necessary tools to excel in their GCSEs. We provide a calming sanctuary for students needing time to settle into mainstream school life or simply needing time to refresh and rejuvenate.

TLC Curriculum Maps


TLC Staff Team

  Mrs C Elsbury

  SENDCo - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator

  Ms S Lenihan

  Deputy SENDCo

  Mrs K Miles-Streek

  Deputy ASD Facility Lead

  Ms L Stefanidou

  Learning Support Assistant - ASD Facility 

  Mrs S Agustini 

  Learning Support Assistant - ASD Facility 

  Mrs C Cornford

  Learning Support Assistant

  Mr P McDonald

  Learning Support Assistant

  Mrs S Lewis

  Learning Support Assistant

  Ms B Homer

  Learning Support Assistant

  Mrs B Jones

  Learning Support Assistant

  Miss C Woolgar

  Learning Support Assistant

  Ms C Sadler

  Learning Support Assistant