ASD Facility

The ASD Facility, also known as The Base, is a specialist facility for students with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

The Base is a new part of The Academy and will take an intake of two new students every year until it reaches its full capacity of ten students, two from each year group. The Base offers support to students both in the facility itself and also throughout the school. The main objective is to integrate the students into the school whilst giving them the security of The Base when needed.

The facility works closely with the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), giving fluidity around the school and varying levels of support depending on the needs of individual students.

The Base has several Learning Rooms offering extra support to students in core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Art. Students also have access to an outside learning area which includes a small allotment plot and a sensory garden. Within the facility, there is a multi-sensory room and a quiet reading area. The specialist staff provide in-class support to all subject areas throughout the Academy, to the students allocated a place in the facility.