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Headteacher’s welcome


Welcome to The Eastbourne Academy, where we relentlessly strive to fulfil our vision of an exceptional, inclusive, and nurturing learning organisation. As Headteacher, I am devoted to fostering excellence as standard through academic excellence, social-emotional growth, and student well-being, ensuring that each student achieves their full potential and thrives in a rapidly changing world.

Our core values of curiosity, ambition, respect and engagement drive our academy to inspire our students and staff to continually strive for greatness. By implementing exemplary evidence-informed teaching, providing unwavering support and promoting a strong commitment to social responsibility, we create a community that we can all be proud of.

We are committed to fostering ambition and setting high expectations, empowering our students to exceed their personal goals and contribute positively to society. Our comprehensive range of extracurricular activities nurtures students’ talents and enables our students to confidently shape their own futures.

I am incredibly proud to lead The Eastbourne Academy and invite you to become a part of our thriving and supportive community. 

Dan Wynne Willson


Our Vision & Values

At The Eastbourne Academy, our vision is to create an exceptional, inclusive and nurturing learning organisation that fosters academic excellence, social-emotional growth, and student well-being.

We are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, ambition, respect, and engagement, ensuring each student reaches their full potential and is prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through outstanding evidence-informed teaching, personalised learning, and our unwavering commitment to cultural capital and social responsibility, we strive to make our students, parents, and the wider community proud to be a part of our exceptional academy.

Curiosity - Ambition - Respect - Engagement